Secrets to enlarge your living room within a cost effective budget

At Colorworks, we love advising and leading our customers into the most effective and quality servings in the market. We can tell you now that there us no need to make costly building renovations to enlarge a living room at home. But first you must empty the room and look in detail where to put each piece of furniture. You can draw a specific design of the room and decide how to fill in the corners.

The color and lighting a room has are essential when giving a sense of space in small places. For example, the darkest corners can become lovely places with a single light or by locating a light spot on them; and it is also necessary to take advantage of natural light. A common mistake is to block that natural light with large plants and ornaments that are placed on frames. The spaces must be kept clear and airy!

The clothing of windows is also important. It is preferable to use blinds and curtains that are able to shrink the place, and produce the opposite effect when you have a small room.

Color is very important because it creates an immediate visual impact; natural and inconspicuous colors create a sense of space and freedom in rooms. But maybe you’re just not a single color person? No problem, various shades can be mixed in the same room. Mixtures of colors and textures rekindle rooms and stimulate the senses, we advice you to choose pastels and ochre tones.

The color of the floor should also be clear and clean, because clearly it also reflects light. The shadows, the dark drawings and thick carpets create the opposite effect. Did you know dark carpets or rugs absorb light? Yes they do. It is a good idea to make the choice before removing the current floor, choose alternative ways that can leave a renewed surface.

It is important to think of comfort when choosing between ceramics, wood floors and carpets. The floor is used all the time, so it is necessary to want something comfortable. The wide selection of choosing from tiled floors or carpets for comfort are a good idea. For more effective results do not forget to ask an expert for some help. Keep coming back for future updates to keep you living spaces comfortable and beautiful.

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