Did You Choose the Right Paint?

Choosing the right paint can be a more difficult task that people would expect. You have to consider whether you would want it to be oil based, what color you’d like, and what brand offers the most durability. Choosing the right paint takes some thinking, weighing pros and cons, and considering what type of result you want. Anyone who has ever contemplated over what paint to choose, knows just how much it requires. To make choosing the right paint easier for you though, we put these recommendations together.

The first thing to think about when choosing the right paint is keeping in mind the largeness of a room. If the room is small to begin with, do not buy a paint color that is dark in tone. Lighter shades do the trick of making a room appear bigger, dark tones do just the opposite.

Another thing to think about when choosing the right paint is to have what kind of ambience you are going for in mind. If you are opting for something more inviting, go for shades of red, oranges, and hey, even yellows.

If you can’t stand the smell of paint, read closely; water based latex paints contain little to no odor in them when compared to oil based paints. If the smell of paint induces headaches, or you simply don’t like it, consider this tip.

If the room or area you are painting is a highly trafficked part of the house, like for example, the kitchen; then you need paint that has high gloss properties. High gloss paint lasts longer, resists stains, and a lot easier to clean.

Choosing the right paint has to do with you knowing what look you’re going for, how much activity goes on in the room you are painting, if you want it to look larger, and how sensitive you are to paint odors. After keeping all of this in mind, you will have no trouble choosing the right paint.

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