Clean those Recently Painted Walls

If you have children within your household, or pets that like to stretch and wipe their paws all over your recently painted walls, you’ll know what we mean when we say that a dirty wall is bound to happen. Dirty walls are a headache, we know- – especially if you just got those walls painted. Here some good news though, there is actually something you can do about it. Learn how to clean your painted walls in a few easy steps.

Before you go about cleaning that dirty wall, make sure the paint isn’t still fresh. If it has been more than a week or two, you are good to go.

If your wall has muddy paw prints, child inflicted scoffs and smudges then you can clean that by getting a bucket of water, dropping two to three drops of your go to mild dosh detergent, and using a microfiber rag to wipe down the area. When doing so, remember to keep water away from power outlets or any other electrical connection. We want you to have clean walls but we also want you to be safe. You can also resort to using magic erasing products that they have in the market today. Choose whichever you’d like and use as instructed on the label.

If the dirt on the wall isn’t much about smudges but you do see some dust on it, here is something you can actually do regularly. Take out your vacuum cleaner and use that soft brush attachment. Most people haven’t used it, but if they did it would become their favorite cleaning equipment. With that soft brush attachment, vacuum your walls gently or use a rag to dust off the wall.

Once this is all said and done, you should definitely have a clean wall.

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